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With our wealth of industry experience Element Aero offer a range of tailored training courses.

We offer flight training from basic flight skills to advance industrial operations utilising multirotor and fixed-wing drones.

Bespoke training can be provided for aerial data processing in packages such as Agisoft Metashape, Pix4D, Global Mapper and Adobe image and video editing software.


Multirotor Pilot Training

Multirotor flight training provided from basic level to advanced flying in industrial environments. Courses cover flight skills, maintenance, safety, payloads, collection plans and deliverables.

Multirotor training.jpg

Fixed-Wing Pilot Training

We provide fixed-wing training covering flight-planning, site assessment, flying skills, maintenence and data outputs. 

Fixed wing training.jpg

Data Processing Training

Learn how to process aerial imagery to produce high quality deliverables such as orthophotos, digital elevation models, panoramic images and spherical imagery using industry leading software packages. Training courses tailored to your specific requirements.

Data training.jpg
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