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Aerial Survey

Element Aero provide aerial survey services to the construction, infrastructure and energy sectors. Using multi-rotor and fixed-wing drones we can safely and efficiently survey up to 20km2.


We offer a range of deliverables including orthophoto imagery, Digital Elevation Models, Pointcloud data and aerial panoramic imagery.


With over 30 years experience in the land survey sector, our team can provide exactly the type of data you need for your project

Orthophoto Imagery

Georeferenced and orthorectified aerial imagery supplied in .jpeg or .tif format. Image resolution down to 1cm per pixel. Suitable for mapping or construction progress tasks.

DEM 1.jpg
Digital Elevation Models

Topographic data supplied in .csv format on a client specified grid spacing. Suitable for volumetric analysis, site design and 3D visualisation.

Pointcloud 1.jpg

Dense 3D data supplied in .las format with RGB values. Suitable for structures and topography.

Aerial Video

4K aerial video supplied in .MP4 format. Ideal for construction scoping, progress and marketing.

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