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Aerial Inspection

Element Aero provide aerial inspection services to the construction, infrastructure and energy sectors. Using multi-rotor drones we can safely inspect tall or difficult to access assets.


From transmission towers to offshore oil platforms, we have the equipment, skills and expertise to perform close visual inspections of your asset.


With 10 years experience working in extreme industrial environments all over the world, our teams can provide the data you need to ensure the continued safe operation of your assets whilst saving time and money compared to traditional access methods.

Offshore Inspection

Offshore inspection of wind turbines, met masts, oil platforms and FPSO vessels. Our teams hold the required offshore certification for work in the North Sea and worldwide.

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Oil & Gas Inspection

With global experience our teams carry out aerial inspections of offshore and onshore oil & gas assets including flares, derricks, chimneys, piperacks and tanks. Deliverables include high-resolution imagery and full inspection report.

Utilities Inspection

Aerial inspection of electricity transmission towers, wind turbines, substations and hydro-electric dams. Close visual inspection with no outages.

Infrastructure Inspection

Aerial inspection of bridges, viaducts, overhead line equipment. Deliverables include high-resolution imagery and full inspection report.

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