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Case Studies

Element Aero have provided drone inspection and survey services to a range of clients across the Oil & Gas, Utilities and Infrastructure sectors. A selection of projects are presented below.

Forth Road Bridge
Internal & External Inspection

We carried out an external and internal inspection of the Forth Road Bridge. The north and south towers were inspected externally using the Intel Falcon 8+ drone. An Elios 2 caged drone was used for the internal inspection of the towers.

Overhead Powerline Route Survey

Aerial survey of a 100km route combining overhead transmission line route and access tracks in Argyll. The survey was carried out using an RTK Fixed-wing drone. Deliverables were digital elevation model and ge-referenced orthophoto imagery. Our fixed-wing is equipped with a terrain following flight-planning mode which was essential in this remote and hilly site.

Rail Viaduct Inspection  and 3D model

Aerial inspection and survey of a 400m long viaduct near Nottingham. The aerial work was carried out using a multirotor drone equipped with full-frame DSLR camera. The work was carried out with Network Rail permission. Deliverables were inspection imagery and pointcloud model of the structure

Route Survey Ireland

Aerial route survey of 40km of new trunk road in County Roscommon in Ireland. The survey was carried out using our fixed-wing drone to produce digital elevation model, RGB pointcloud and orthophoto imagery.

Offshore Flare Inspection
UK North Sea

Aerial inspection of 2 live flares on an oil platform in the North Sea. Inspection carried out using multirotor drone to provide close visual inspection, thermal inspection and full report. 

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